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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 5, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the district. dramatic video. look at these pictures. a wild crash on pennsylvania avenue and southeast. witnesses jumping in to help pull people from the smoking wreckage. karen gray houston was on the scene as this unfolded. karen, what is the latest? >> reporter: here is what we know. five people injured. some more seriously than others. at the accident at the intersection of pennsylvania and alabama avenue. let's take a look at that. that is what is left. you can tell by looking at one s.u.v. upside down, that tan oldsmobile wreckage, this was a terrible scene. the video that you will be looking at may be very disturbing. it was a very chaotic situation. i heard the loud boom myself. that was ward 7 councilwoman y vet alexander asking someone to call 911. many of us were here for a news conference called by the mayor
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on hiv and aids awareness. the tan vehicle was smoking. i never saw flames but somebody got a fire extinguisher. eyewitnesses tried to rush to pull open doors to get the drivers and passengers out of both vehicles. they removed some of the injured before firefighters could get here to use the jaws of life to remove them. the more seriously injured were medivaked to the hospital. it was terrifying and amazing to see the accident then to watch people including top city officials trying to help out. >> everywhere. she wanted to get out. she was conscious and everything. she was squeezing our hand and everything. we tried to keep her together until the ambulance and stuff got there. >> you don't know if anybody has a neck injury. it's great help. people's natural instincts.
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it's one of those things we have to be careful. that's why we are using the jaws of life and other things to get people out safely. >> we really do keep all of our energy focused on the five people who were hurt and hope they pull through. >> back out live, accident reconstruction experts will have to figure out exactly what happened here. eyewitnesses are telling us that the driver of the tan vehicle had been speeding and driving erratically for blocks before the crash. brian? >> kren gray houston live on the scene. you saw the mayor was there. a press conference was going on. i want to talk about another accident far lesser use but wit involves mayor fenty and the accident report. who filed it, what was it in. the accident happened sunday in northwest. fox 5's paul wag norris live in the newsroom -- wagner is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: fox 5 got a copy
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of the report. why did a spokesman for the mayor say sunday and today the driver of the vehicle ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of the mayor's vehicle causing a collision. according to a diagram of the accident, the mayor's vehicle is shown as the striking vehicle. it's listed in the diagram as number 1. the mayor says he was southbound when he was struck by a vehicle traveling west on rittenhouse street. the other driver, a 19-year-ol said he never saw the mayor's car. the report was prepared by a member of the mayor'security detail, not a patrol officer. it seems several protocols were not followed. d.c. police are required to put all information in the report and take photographs when a d.c. government vehicle is involved in the crash. no photos were taken and both drivers left the scene before it could be dock -- documented.
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and it should have a list of all the vehicles in each vehie. that was not included. neighbors say fenty's children were in the vehicle at the time of the collision. following breaking news in the trial of former congressman, louisiana democrat william jefferson convicted in his bribery case. a jury convicted jefferson on 11 of 15 counts for accepting more than $400,000 in bribes and brokering business deals in africa. in august of '05, fbi agents found 90,000 in cash hidden in jefferson's freezer. now the story the world was watching today. home at last. two american journalists back on u.s. soil following months of cabtivity in north korea. >> we walked through the door. we saw standing before us
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president bill clinton. >> a tear-filled reunion as laura ling and euna lee reunited with their families. they touched down in california this morning along with man who won their release, former president clinton. with the women home, there is controversy. some worry about how far the .s. went to secure their release. >> reporter: it was the happy ending to a story that could have turned out much differently. >> at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. >> reporter: the official story, that euna lee and laura ling captured by the north korean government sentenced to hard labor but released after a mission of private diplomacy by president bill clinton. >> we want to thank president bill clinton. >> reporter: the real story r- behind the mission is more complicated. in recent weeks clinton emerged as the one person kim ill young would meet with.
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the fact that his wife was secretary of state is also key. she denied a report that her husband apologized to win their release. >> that is not true. that did not occur. >> lee and lining's relatives say it was through phone calls that they had hints that they could be released if clinton went to north korea. >> not only is this white house obviously extraordinarily happy but all americans should be grateful. >> reporter: critics like john bolton says the administration set a dangerous president with a trick that other rowing states might want to repeat. while the political debate may just be starting, for euna lee and laura ling, their ordeal is over. >> the nightmare of our lives
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was finally coming to an end. and now we stand here home and free. >> reporter: president clinton is expected to brief the white house's national security team about what went on during his meeting with the korean leader kim ill young. the u.s. officials are eager for any firsthand information they can receive about his health and how he appeared during the meetings. >> you can only imagine how the families of the women felt. laura ling's sister lisa talked about what they have been through. >> not being able to communicate to her, with her, not being able to see her and talk to her on a regular basis was devastating. to be able to look into her eyes and her little face today was absolutely indescribable. >> reporter: tonight we are learning healthy hollywood
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producer stephen bing paid for the private flight that brought them back home. the edge now on a developing story from pennsylvania. desperate man with a lot of guns and a plan. this is how it looked outside the pittsburgh area gym where he opened fire. inside three women shot dead by a man upset over years of rejection in relationships. >> george sodini was a member of the l.a. fitness club. last night he unleashed his anger and frustration. it was detailed in a disturbing web log. he said he hadn't had a girlfriend since 1984 and no women ever seem to like him. it listed his date of death as august 4th. he turned the gun on himself, one of four that he brought to the gym with him. investigators say when he went inthe gym last night it wasn't the first time that he entered that day. >> he went in three times.
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he went in at 11 something in the morning then we are assuming that he had to leave. they don't have to check out but they check in. then went back in approximately 7:40 then he checked back in at 7:56. we are thinking in between 7:40, 7:56 he makes a call on his cell phone. we know it was made at 7:45. we are assuming he went outside to make the call and went back in at 7:56. >> tonight investigators are trying to contact that person sodini called. they believe he was planning the attack for nine months but did he not know any of the women he shot. >> laura evans tonight. web site and a blog. you can check out for some of the excerpt from sodini. 
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russian subs like this one closing in on the u.s. no need for alarm according to the pentagon. it's just a russian attack sub hanging off the eastern coast of the united states one of two the pentagon is tracking. one off the coast of green land and one off georgia. it's been years since russia cruised these waters. why now? >> reporter: two nuclear powered russian attack submarines have been spotted off the eastern u.s. coast. one in the southeast waters off georgia, the other around greenland. a top russian military says no need to worry about the cold war mission. it's a routine normal part of regular patrols. >> this is our right.
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we got tired of making circles on our internal route. >> reporter: russian officials say they resumed the submarine patrols in 2007. analysts say this is clearly aggressive post steering by russia but this type of submarine is generally used to look for other vessels and collect intelligence. >> these are not the type of subs designed with long-range ballistic missiles for nuclear war on cities. >> reporter: this is an unusual post cold war mission and the pentagon is closely monitoring it. u.s. officials say they aren't viewing the presence of the subs as menacing because russia hasn't taken any provocativ action. >> it's the first time in roughly a decadehat we have seen this kind of behavior. we note it and watch it but it is not a concern. >> reporter: a pentagon spokesperson says the russians did not communicate their plans to the united states but he added america has the means to
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figure out they were heading this way. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. speaking of russ, did you see vladimir putin going shirtless again during a super vacation in siberia, riding horseback. not the first time he stripped down for the cameras. this is the latest in a long line of his shirtless photo opens. remember when he shot the tiger? he posed for cameras then, too. are you thinking about asking your boss a raise? something that may give you more confidence coming up next. you don't hear about this too often. a local woman out walking her dog in the city attacked by a snake. first, tony soprano on the big screen? the buzz has been building since the finale. ♪
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not something you expect to see. a d.c. woman snapped this photo, a copper head snake moments after it bit her. john henrehan has that story. >> reporter: last wednesday everything angela bradford was walking her dog. >> something rushed my shoe, my foot. and i just bent down to see what it was and that's when it just jumped up and bit me on
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the finger. >> reporter: angela's hand swelled immediately. she took a photo of it with her cell phone and thinking quickly it might be venomous she got a picture of the one that bit her. they administered antivenom therapy. she spent two days in the hospital and still feels ill from the snake bite. >> i am still busy. it was bad. yesterday i had to stay in the house. i'm just getting out of the house. this happened seven days ago. >> reporter: a more recent encounter with a copper head snake occurred around 10:30 a.m. a man walking on martin luther king junior avenue with a snake he purchased was bitten in the hand. >> it was swelling. then it started inpuffg puffing like a boxing glove, puffing up like that. >> responding fire trapped the
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creature in a cardboard box. >> when i came over here, it was in the box. when i came over here, they were putting tape on the top of the box. >> reporter: the victim told firefighters he purchased a nonpoisonous python but animal control determined that the purchased snake was a venomous copper head. he was transported to a local hospital to begin treatment. animal control is deciding what to do with the copper head that was sold as a python. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> sue palka joining us now. >> i thought we were talking about storms. >> we have a few forecast. they haven't materialized. i think if they hold off long enough, a few showers passing through later tonight. you know who is happy about this? especially the folks hosting andy roddick at lake mason. they were so hoping that we would get a pass at the storms. i think we get a delay with the showers and storms. it's not bad now. as you see on true view, there
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is activity off to the south and west. and we have a frontal system right here. we are still keeping them in the forecast. they haven't showed up yet. it will be a few more hours. i think 11:00, maybe midnight we will see a couple of the showers getting closer to d.c. that's where the front is. it will continue to sink south. this thing brings a big time surprise tomorrow. are you ready for low 80s tomorrow? that's what we will get. whether he have the wind swing to the northeast a cool direction this time of year. that will change things around. let's talk about the high temperatures today. 85 now. the high was 90. it's coming down nicely. dulles 88. as we go through the rest of the evening, temperatures and humidity not bad. the dew point is 65. that is not outrageous amount of humidity. it's not intolerable. we have to show you, raleigh the south the heat is building. dallas 95. temperatures are in the mid-90s
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on the move as early as this weekend. high pressure building into the middle part of the country will be a big time heat pull top funnel the texas heat in our direction. so, really enjoy tomorrow, in the low 80s. sunday, monday, maybe even tuesday or wednesday of next week mid-90s. maybe the hottest stretch of days that we had so far this summer. for tonight, keeping our fingers crossed for those that want to watch the tennis, mostly cloudy. 60s for the suburbs. we are not completely ruling out showers. tomorrow eight degrees cooler than today. maybe a slight chance of a shower around. at 7:00 notice the showers down there. now we bring it up to 11:00. spotty stuff across the district and down to the south and west. they pass through quickly in the morning and maybe a few showers around tomorrow afternoon. here is the five-day forecast. tomorrow's temperature what a bonus at 82 degrees.
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friday looks great at 86. brian f we can get the showers to pass through in the overnight hours, everybody will be happy for the water and happy that they get to see great tennis look. at the sunday, monday time period. heating up. chances for rain will dry up. "american idol" shocker. judge paula abdul apparently is calling it quits. she dropped the bombshell via twitter sayi she will not be back for season 9. some speculation that it could be a negotiating plow. fox and the producers said abdul was an important part of the idol family and wished her the best. twitter causing trouble for san diego chargers quarterback antonio. find $2,500 for a tweet. he used twitter to complain about the food at training camp wondering if the nasty food had something to do with not making
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the super bowl. he said he stand by his tweet. fieldy in. >> whether hefeldy
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>> everyone today is talking about the emotional feelings of jason campbell on the cover of "sports illustrated." in that issue he vented about being mistreated in the off season. here is what he looked like on the cover and what he had to say. jason campbell said in the
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article that he felt like a piece of tissue being flushed down the toilet. today jason practiced and was asked if his comments were accurate. >> i was having fun with it, when i quoted. the guy asked me to you i -- howdy feel when that was happening. i said for the most part it didn't bother me. one day sitting at home you see your name pop up on tv, each and every second you feel like a piece of tissue. but i was laughing afterward. it was just something funny. >> offensive line, joe bug letter had to make do with a banged up unit. jeremy bridges is getting the majority of the reps at right tackle. the head hog is not in a panic despite the rash of injuries on his watch. >> i don't know why everybody is concerned about right tackle. that aggravates me. we got great candidates. hire played there, started
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there. bridges started there. we are not destitute at that position. we have mike williams that has come on. he has a little groin injury. we have plenty of beef over there. >> this is a part of camp. guys get hurt and banged up. none of it is significant enough to be worried about it. get a couple days to get back. continue doing what you are doing. >> skins signed receiver today d.j. hackett who came over from seattle where zorn was coaching. we honor a rabid fan that thinks he or she should be the best red skin fan of all time. this is today's candidate. >> the reason i am the number one fan, no matter how many times we lose, i will still support my team. i have been a fan -- i was a red skin fan before i was born.
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it goes deeper than being a fan. this is family. >> all right, brian. that's it. see you at 10:00. >> feldy, thanks. haven't heard those fans in a long time. see you tonight. pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price mu. only at pizza hut.
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